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Sea Brew Coffee Van

Sea Brew, a Coffee Brewing Van that is located at Newtown Cove, Tramore, is a perfect place to go for a cup of coffees, teas, or a toastie, Blaas, the list goes on. You can go to the Sea Brew before or after a lovely swim or even while looking at the amazing view it possesses. But not only does this place provide fantastic coffees. They also have such a welcoming environment which attracts many people to their van.

Maeve started Sea Brew during the pandemic when she saw an opportunity to open her business.  As time has gone on, there have been many changes to Sea Brew to help make it easier for them to create a friendly atmosphere. Maeve started Sea Brew with a small trailer box attached to a generator. She was able to finally upgrade to the van they have now, which uses its own electricity to power the machines inside. Not only has the van itself changed, so has the Sea Brew menu, with it once just being teas, coffees, and snacks. Now they have breakfast and lunch in addition to their menu, also with their ingredients sourced from local businesses like O’Flynn’s Butchers, and homemade chutney which is made by Sea Brew themselves.

Now Sea Brews are a key part of the community out in Newtown and are well on their way to being the hot spot for people to stop at to have a coffee when out at Newtown Cove or just passing by. The one thing that will always be the same will be Maeve and the Sea Brew Crews’ friendliness towards their customers and how they love to get to know them.

Sea Brew have used Coffee House Lanes Viking City Roast blend since they opened, and we hope they continue to use our coffee in the future. Our Viking City Roast is an even medium-dark roast with beans originating in Colombia and Brazil. A great all-day coffee, perfect in a cafetiere or a drip filter coffee maker, or an Aeropress. With a Strength of 4/5 this blend has won awards like Blas na hÉireann Gold Winner, Great Taste 2 Star Winner.

So, what’s next for Sea Brew? During the winter period, Maeve plans to make more improvements to the Sea Brews Van, as well as that she plans to also do a masters. For more Sea Brew Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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