Our Coffee meets Industry Standards for Quality


At Coffee House Lane, we closely monitor every stage of the coffee production line. From determining where we source and how, to roasting, packaging and wholesale supply, we provide the highest calibre of coffee. Ensuring quality, from crop to cup. All our blends are certified A rating with BRC Food Safety. At Coffee House Lane we also have certifications for Guaranteed Irish, Origin Green(Gold members), Love Irish Food and Rainforest Alliance.


We scour the globe for quality coffee beans, determining individual flavour profiles as well as how to optimise the inherent and dormant flavours. Ensuring the quality of the beans is essential, so our master roasters can harness the most optimal of flavours and aromas throughout the roasting process.


To guarantee freshness, our large-scale packaging-plant packs beans and ground coffee into either vacuum seal foils or packages with airlock valves.

We use extensive and well-established distribution networks as well as trusted export partnerships to ensure our product arrives safe, fresh and ready for consumption. For fresh, quality coffee that is smartly sourced, masterfully roasted, professionally packaged, and expertly distributed, choose Coffee House Lane