Aikenhead’s Freshground – 227g


Our Aikenheads Freshground Coffee orignates in Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica and has slight citrus notes. Our tip is to use one generous dessert spoon of coffee per cup you plan to make in a Cafetiere, a home percolator or an Aeropress. Store in a cool dry place.  Strength 4 out of 5.


Along with 1690 this is one of our very first blends. 100% Arabica(like all our coffee’s), this South American Blend is from Brazil Colombia and Costa Rica. Very smooth on the pallet with a subtle citrus finish, this is the perfect all day coffee, and one of our most popular for a cafe’s house blend.

1 review for Aikenhead’s Freshground – 227g

  1. Michael B

    One of, if not the best coffee I’ve ever enjoyed. Bold but not strong.

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