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Pipers Café & Churro Bar

It is located on Strand Street Tramore, and not only do they serve delicious coffee, but they also specialize in pizza and Spanish churros, made fresh to order.

Though the premise of the building has changed over the years, the one there has always been in that building since 1950 is Tea and Coffee. After deciding in 2014 to turn the place into a coffee shop, the owner has never looked back. One of the notable features in Pipers is their carousel-like feature in the middle of the café. This feature has a table going around it to house the milk, lids, sugar, etc. However, the most fascinating feature was the images on top. On each side of the carousel there are pictures of the family dating back to the nineteen hundreds. The carousel pays homage to the family ties with fun fairs and is an amazing feature which ties into the many pictures of carousels scattered around the café.

The main theme and environment that pipers wish to give across is that of family. The Café is suitable for families of all sizes and ages to allow for a perfect family get together. The menu also has a wide range of food, which makes it perfect for families, with all fresh products like pizzas, scones, and both a favourite among staff and their customers Pipers churros are always there to order.  Chris, the owners’ favourite type of churro, is the class sugar and chocolate sauce which are an absolute must try next time you visit Pipers.

Located in Tramore, Pipers’ believe that it is the perfect coffee trail, with coffee being sold all along the Prom, are up as far as the amusement park, you have coffee all along the Strand, there is also the Doneraile, then as well as the cove, there is coffee everywhere. Pipers’ café believes that in Tramore there are no oppositions when it comes to Tramore businesses, that they are all colleagues working together and promoting one another.

Pipers Café has our Coffee House Lanes 1690 blend.  They believe that coffee house lane provides what can only be described as “a service which is second to none along with a good coffee”. Our 1690 Blend is our multi-award-winning signature blend. It is named after the year that coffee was first brewed and sold in Ireland. It is a high-end medium-dark roast, with beans originating in Honduras and Guatemala. It has toffee, butterscotch, and caramel notes, delivering a smooth yet intense coffee experience.

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