Award Winning and Authentic

Coffee Roasted to Perfection

From Green to Cup

Here at Coffee House Lane we roast the world’s rarest and highest quality coffees using precise roasting methods. We offer them on our shop and through our wholesale partners, including industry-defining cafes, hotels and restaurants here in Ireland and around the world.


We select only the finest quality arabica beans to bring our customers the best tasting coffee in Ireland.


Our head roaster creates a blend of green beans which is carefully inspected to ensure the perfect taste is achieved.


The beans are loaded into one of our three productions roasters and once the desired temperature has been reached, the beans are dropped into the roasting drum.


Here at Coffee House Lane, we roast by sense; we listen, we smell, we don’t rely only on a computer.

Our Coffee

Passion for flavour is what drives and challenges us. It guides every element of our roastery, retail, training and supply. Our consistency in roasting, flavour profiles and sourcing only Premium Coffee beans allows us to create our award winning coffees.

personalised coffee
Multi Award Winning

House Blends

Knowing what coffee is all about; the pursuit of excellence; the art of blending and roasting. This has been our culture, since we roasted our first bean. Whatever your taste in coffee, we have you covered. Explore our range now
Bringing you closer to growers

Single Origin

A single origin coffee is grown from a single known geographic area (or farm). Single-origins are known to achieve a specific taste. Our single-origins and specialty coffee is roasted light to medium, depending on the moisture, density and flavours of the green coffee beans. We pride our focus to detail and our small-scale batch roasting allows us to ensure perfection in every roast.

Quality Assured

Our coffee is sourced from all parts of the globe and developed by our Master Roasters. Our coffee meets industry standards including BRC, Love Irish Foods, etc.

Award Winning

We’ve won multiple awards for all of our coffee range, from classic blends to our specialty offerings. Our coffee ranges have been acknowledged for our global & ethical sourcing, and the expertise of our master roasters.

Globally Sustainable

Coffee House Lane is committed to supporting local and global communities – only sourcing coffee beans produced with respect for the environment and farmers.

Our coffees are sustainably farmed, rainforest alliance certified. This ensures the highest standards and practices; meaning the people and the land are treated with respect, integrity, and the best practices.

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