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One the Waterfront

One the Waterfront is a restaurant that has been around since the 1960’s as a popular bar. It is located on Gallweys Hill in Tramore giving it access to the lovely seaside view, but the inside is just as extravagant, Like a Tardis from the beloved tv series “Doctor Who” it’s bigger on the inside.

When you first walk down those steps into the Waterfront you are met with a bright and spacious dining room, and with atmosphere pulsing from every inch it is worth a visit. It is a place that is rich in scenic views as well as fantastic menu to go with the venue. Not only does this place provide great food for normal dinning, but it also provides great options for private events, weddings, the list goes on.

As time has gone on, there have been many changes and upgrades to One the Waterfront to keep the place that family-friendly atmosphere that makes people want to stay there. One such change was the addition of the captain’s deck and the beach deck, both perched on the cliffside and there is a breath-taking sea views from both decks. They have also introduced our coffee to their establishment.

The beauty about One the Waterfront isn’t just it’s amazing scenery and fantastic menu but also its dedicated staff, which strive to make sure every customer gets the top-quality service from when they arrive till, they leave the waterfront. From being there you can tell that the staff at One the Waterfront really care about the waterfront and providing the family friendly atmosphere they strive to create.

The Waterfront is a place for people to stop at in Tramore to experience a part like no other. At One the Waterfront they sell our Coffee House Lane 1690 Blend. It’s our multi-award-winning signature blend, with beans originating in Honduras and Guatemala. It has toffee, butterscotch, and caramel notes, delivering a smooth yet intense coffee experience. We hope One the Waterfront will continue to use our coffee in the future.

For all things One the Waterfront, check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even visit their Website.

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