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Your guide to the Hario V60

Barrista brewing with Hario V60

What is so special about the Hario v60? And why we love it at Coffee House Lane! 

The Hario V60 is a popular brew tool amongst Coffee House Lane customers, and the reason is apparent. It’s an easy-to-use, quick and mess-free solution to creating great-tasting coffee. 

Who designed the v60?

Hario, a Japanese company, invented the V60 in the 1950s. However, the Hario V60 design was revisited in 2004 to include the signature grooves that lift the paper filter off the sides and a larger hole, providing a faster flow and more clarity in the cup.

What material is best? Plastic or metal? 

Plastic hario v60 with cofee

The Hario V60 is available in several materials – Plastic, Ceramic, Copper, Glass and Metal. Although all materials are good choices, it comes down to personal preference. At Coffee House Lane, we like the plastic option as it is robust, affordable, and effective for producing a great brew. The V60 is also available in several colour options to suit your taste. 

Is the V60 good for home brewing? 

two friends enjoying v60 coffee

Yes, the Hario V60 is ideal for home brewing or brewing anywhere. The plastic version is robust and allows for portability e.g. throw it in your suitcase while travelling or bring it along for your weekend picnic.

What is the difference between the V60 01, 02 & 03? 

The 01 is suitable for 1 or 2 cups; the 02 can handle up to four cups, and the 03 is rated for up to six cups.

How to make the perfect cup of coffee using the Hario v60? 

hario v60 accessories

 Here’s our eight-step method to prepare a beautiful Coffee House Lane with your new Hario V60. Before we start, you will need a grinder, kettle, V60 filter, scales, coffee mug, timer and last but not least – Coffee House Lane beans (If you don’t have a grinder, we recommend purchasing from our fresh ground range

Step One: Place filter paper in your V60 and on top of your mug or server. Rinse the paper with hot water and then discard it.

Step Two: Place 18g of ground coffee in the filter. Tap the V60 gently to settle the ground coffee into a flat, even bed.

Step Three: Carefully pour in 50g of freshly boiled water. The temperature of your water should be around 96°C. If you don’t have a temperature-controlled kettle, let your water sit boiled for a minute or two to get the temperature as close as possible. Pouring the water in a circular pattern from the outside of the filter towards the centre is a helpful tactic.

Step Four: Stir for 30 seconds to ensure that all the grounds are wet.

Step Five: Pour in more water gradually until you’ve added a total of 250g. Again, like in step three -pour the liquid in a circular motion. Pour each new batch of water gently, being careful not to disturb the coffee grounds. Aim for a total brew time of 3.5 minutes (the last drop should pass through the filter at minute 3:30, from the beginning of the first pour).

Step Six: Once the pour is finished, gently stir once more. Stirring will help ensure that all of the grounds are extracted evenly.

Step Seven: Swirl your fresh cup of coffee – swirling aids in the mixing and aeration of the brew.

Step Eight: Sip and enjoy the beautiful taste of Coffee House Lane! 


What about brewing for more than one person? 

V60 coffee pouring

Use a ratio of 60g of coffee for 1 litre of water. If you are making for one, then most cups will be about 300ml, so you need 18g of coffee. Grind the coffee coarser than espresso. Boil fresh water and wait 1 minute to let the water cool to approximately 95C. Place the filter paper in the V60 and pour some water over the filter paper to rinse. Place the ground coffee in the now wet filter paper, then start pouring slowly onto the ground coffee. The pouring and drip time should take about 3-4 minutes.

What makes the Hario V60 different from others? 

The Hario V60 has a unique v-shaped design at a 60-degree angle to deliver the best coffee to your mug. In addition, the V60 has several unique design features including the ridges on the interior walls that help ensure a steady even-flow of water and air over the coffee bed. 

Is the V60 better than french press coffee?

This is a question that we receive quite frequently at Coffee House Lane. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t straightforward, but both coffee makers are excellent options for brewing your coffee at home or at the office. However, the plastic version of the V60 provides great portability when travelling. 

Both coffee tools have their pros and cons. Most people find the French Press easier to use as it has a simple mechanism, but the coffee quality may not be as smooth as that of V60. On the other hand, the V60 offers superior brewing, and the taste tends to be a little stronger. 

Let’s break it down into the benefits: 

Benefits of the French Press

  • Ease of brewing
  • Easy to master
  • Quick and Easy Cleaning
  • Mainstream and inexpensive
  • Versatile

Disadvantages of the French Press:

  • It tends to waste more coffee grinds
  • It tends to produce coffee sludge
  • Taste is less consistent compared to other brewing tools

Benefits of the V60

  • The unique 60-degree angle conical shape provides maximum flavour
  • Several size options and materials (plastic is very portable)
  • Durable 
  • Robust Design
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for single cups
  • Good heat retention

Cons of the V60

  • Learning curve (but can easily be mastered)
  • It tends to suit smaller groups/fewer mugs of coffee
  • Requires special filters (but this makes your brew all that much better)

In saying that, it all comes down to personal preference – the way you want to prepare your coffee and the outcome it provides. 

How does the V60 compare to the Aeropress? 


The Aeropress produces a more robust cup of coffee with intense flavours, whereas the V60 has a more delicate, light-bodied cup that emphasises the nuances of your coffee. The V60 requires fine-tuning to achieve the desired result, but it is simple to master. On the other hand, the Aeropress is a more forgiving brewing method.

What temperature should my Hario v60 be?

red hario v60

Ideally, the correct brewing temperature should be between 92 – 96°C (or 198 – 205°F). If you use a kettle without a temperature gauge, we usually advise customers to leave the boiling water for a minute or two. 

How do I fix clogging in the Hario v60?

Hario v60 coffee

You’ve started brewing with the Hario V60, but you’re experiencing clogging. This is caused by several factors, including the use of low-quality filters, grinding your coffee too finely, or the way you pour the boiling water.

How long should a v60 brew take?

timing coffee brewing

Brewing time will vary based on the size of the V60 dripper. However, we recommend a brewing time of 1-3 minutes for 1 cup, or 3-4 minutes for 2 cups.

Why is my Hario v60 so slow?

slow brewing v60 coffee

If your Hario V60 is running too slowly, the grind size of your coffee is probably too fine, but it could also be due to a clogged filter. Our top tip for clogged V60s is to grind your beans coarser and pour your water a little slower.

Conclusion on the V60 

The V60 is an excellent coffee brewing solution for all coffee enthusiasts. The V60 produces fantastic, clean, and repeatable coffee. It is suitable for both professional and home brewers as it is portable and provides a high level of control. It’s also a very affordable solution.

Where to buy the Hario v60?

You can buy the Hario V60 online with Coffee House Lane. We also offer a range of brewing accessories to get you started on your great-tasting coffee journey, be sure to check out our blends or single-origin coffee beans.


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