Aeropress – portable brewing !


This nifty piece of equipment is one of our best travel companions.  Joe, one of our more intrepid crew, regularly takes his Aeropress on his trips and hikes. Joe will honestly say it was one the easiest products to put together and use – never be without fresh espresso ever again!!

The AeroPress makes delicious full flavoured coffee using a rapid, total immersion brewing process that produces one to three cups per pressing in about a minute – with no grit in your cup. Useful for brewing espresso-style coffee for use in lattes, flat whites and other espresso-based drinks.

Our One Cup Recipe

Coffee 18g Medium ground

Water 300ml at 96 Degrees

Brew Time 2 Minutes

Gear you will need


AeroPress filters

Kettle – measured with water needed


Paddle or a spoon

A drinking vessel of your choice 🙂



1. Place paper filter into AeroPress filter screen and tighten to AeroPress tube

2. Place AeroPress on server or mug and pour hot water over the filter to rinse it and preheat both vessels, discard the rinse water

3. Tip coffee ground coffee into AeroPress

4. Begin your timer and add 300mls of hot water just off the boil

5. Stir the brew with a spoon and let steep

6. At 1:30 on your timer, stir the brew again then connect plunger to AeroPress.

7. Press the remaining brew into mug until the timer reaches 2 minutes

8. Remove AeroPress from the server or mug. Remove AeroPress cap and push out old coffee into the rubbish.

Why not enjoy your Coffee outdoors, the AeroPress is portable!

Here, at Coffee House Lane, we are big fans of Award Winning Barista James Hoffman. See the video below for James AeroPress recipe !

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