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Over 330 years ago, in 1690, Coffee House Lane, adjacent to Waterford's then-busy trading district, boasted the title of Ireland's first coffee house. Green coffee was traded at the port before being roasted, brewed, and sold at John Aikenhead's Coffee House, which later became Waterford's Coffee House Lane. Our Coffee House Lane collection is inspired not only by the name but also by the ethos of coffee roasting and brewing in 1690.


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Sustainable, Ethically sourced Coffee.

Exceptional coffee begins with exceptional dedication. We believe it is our duty to care for the environment that cares for us. Our commitment is to reduce our impact on the planet in ways that are both practical & economically sustainable. Yes, words are easy, and this is a journey that is far from complete. However, every step we take to reduce our environmental impact brings us closer to our goal. Coffee House Lane supports the like of the Rainforest Alliance in their efforts to protect the environment and improve the lives of many people in the industry.

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We have several subscription packages, all of which are flexible enough to satisfy and WOW as a gift. Our Coffee Subscriptions keep your cupboard stocked with your favourite Coffee blend or you can taste your way around the world with our Roaster's Choice Coffee Subscription a 250g pack of our current favourite single-origin coffee delivered to your door. Subscribe and never run out of coffee again!